This cooling spray has been formulated using natural ingredients known for their anti-bacterial properties. Your scalp can be prone to breakouts when you have lost your hair as a side-effect of treatment for cancer. We can't stop chemotherapy resulting in hair loss but we can help you to look after your scalp. Perfect for dry, sore, itchy and sensitive scalps, just spritz over your scalp and let it settle in. The ideal product to combat spots and acne on your scalp as well as providing a soothing and cooling relief to any irritation.We suggest that you follow our scalp care routine of cleanse and moisturise and use this spray as a cooling spritz if you are out and about and feel in need of a cool down. The spray can also be used morning and night as part of your scalp care routine. 100g

Scalp Cleansing Spritz-JY

  • Spray on scalp to cool and refresh.