November 22, 2016

What a job, I love it, just posted special designed headwear for a company called Comfi hair. When I was asked to design for them it was like going back in time to 2008, when my friend got diagnosed with breast cancer and she didn't want to wear a wig . She asked me to design something for her after been passed on a bag with dreadful headwear that she had received and made her look even more ill than she already was at that time. 

Losing your hair going through chemo or alopecia has such a psychological effect on women and men, it is losing a part of your identity and you feel so exposed. As a designer, you can't cure , you can't replace hair but you can try to regain people's confidence by making products that tick all the boxes, that fits your lifestyle, that fits your face, your complexion, your outfits and are comfortable at the same time so they are nice to wear so you will be aware that you have taken control of your appearance, best achievement ever to see women walking out with a smile and head up high!!




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