Defined by your hair?

December 8, 2016


One of the first questions that’s asked after being diagnosed with cancer and having to go through treatment is, “Will I lose my hair? What will I look like and am I going to recognize myself, who will that person be in the mirror looking back at me? Why are people looking at me?” Hair loss is one of the most traumatic aspects of chemotherapy but it is good to know that not all chemotherapy treatments have the side effects of losing your hair.

When you do have to deal with hair loss you lose such a big part of your identity, as I am always being referred as the tall one with the blond short hair….  So, what can you do about it?? We all know that the thought of it growing back is the best part of it all but in the meantime, you can take control and make sure that you are in the driver’s seat going at the right pace and the right direction. You can start sleeping with a special nightcap so you don’t wake up in the morning looking at your pillow covered with your hair. If you do have long hair you can go for an in between cut, so have a nice short style for yourself, to get used to your new features.  Then if and when you are ready you can have it shaved on your own terms by someone close to you, as I did it for my friend at home after a glass of healthy green juice and with no mirror, kids and partner in sight. There are even hairdressers out there that will do it for you and give you the privacy and support that you might need. This is also for men, as they go through the same ordeal as us women. I even found a supplier of moustaches for one of my clients a couple of months ago, and the search is harder but a solution is always out there.

Nowadays there are many fantastic wigs available, there are partly fringes as well and all the different styles of headwear can make it even hard to choose from.  If you choose a wig you can choose one that makes you feel like you again, so very close to what your style used to be. But some women like to take this a bit further and go completely the opposite way, a complete different look and in this there is no right or wrong, only what feels good for you.

The headwear is specially designed for a nice and comfortable fit as your scalp needs a breather from wearing a wig or as protection overnight if you are cold and can be worn in addition to a wig or some of us just don’t want to wear a wig. Headwear can be used as a statement as well, If you wear a wig, the outside world doesn’t know that you are undergoing treatment where as if you are wearing headcovers outside it is a bit more noticeable but again your choice, as the headcovers are so hip and trendy and fashionable that you can mix and match every day depending on your moods, yet another statement that you are in the driver’s seat again.


Sabine Brannan, designer of Hipheadwear


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