All Seasons Bandana

May 8, 2017


The All Seasons Bandana was the first headwear type I wore, I ordered one for the Christmas period when I was no longer able to cover up with my natural hair. With the parties and events going on for Christmas I wanted something that was going to look pretty so I could dress up and be comfortable without being conscious of my hair all night and the All Seasons Bandana fit the criteria perfectly. It actually went so well with my outfits over the season that I had compliments from people that didn't even know what was happening and just thought it was part of the look I was going for and loved it.


Since then my collection has grown so I can co-ordinate with what I'm wearing and I love the different colours and patterns. They are very easy to wear as you can put them on like a soft hat and then tie how you want. Whilst I love all of my All Season Bandanas (and there are more that I want!) there is one in particular that I've been wearing a lot more than I thought I would and get a lot of compliments from so wanted to write about it in particular. 


I originally got the Soft Peach for a christening. I had a pale dress to wear so this went perfectly for the occasion as it was light, smart and comfortable. For the christening I also matched it with the Off White Pattern headband, which when I initially saw the headbands thought were more for people with patches but actually I love wearing them with my headwear, mixing and matching. I don't always wear them because the headwear looks pretty with or without so choosing to sometimes wear them allows me to create different looks depending on what mood I am in. The Soft Peach and Off White Pattern go very well together and I find perfectly comfortable wearing together.


Since the christening I've found myself wearing it for a wide variety of occasions. Depending on what clothes I put it with I've found I can wear it casually as well as more formally so I've worn it to a christening, baby shower and birthday party but also to work, to the park and at friends and family's houses as examples. I love the versatility of Hipheadwear and the Soft Peach is no exception. 


One of the things that is great about the Soft Peach for me is that whilst I love the patterned headwear this neutral design means it can be put with quite a lot of my current wardrobe. The colour doesn't wash me out, if anything it makes me look like I have more colour (somebody I know thought I looked like I'd been on holiday) and I like that the subtle pattern to the headwear makes it more interesting and beautiful whilst being wearable with such a wide variety of clothing.


Whilst I am not completely comfortable with my hair loss yet I am finding I am getting there with my confidence with not having anything on my head in public but I'm finding that I still enjoy wearing the headwear. The best way I can think to describe it is that I no longer need the headwear, I wear it because I want to. 


 I've recently seen the new summer collection and to my delight, Sabine has added new colours in the same design. I now have the Soft Green which I am excited to wear (tempted to wear it with an all black outfit as a bit of a colour pop) and I have my eye on the Coral for summer as it's such a beautiful colour and again the subtle design that is the same as the Soft Peach gives it an extra something over a plain scarf but will be easy to match with a lot.


My experience with headwear is teaching me that it is good to have a mix of the neutral and patterned headwear because it then gives me so much choice from only a few pieces. For a future blog post I will write about some of my patterned All Seasons Bandanas and if possible get some outfit photos to put with it. 

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