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October 16, 2017

All Season Bandana.

Recently on Instagram I have been seeing some wonderful images of head wear pop up on my feed and I found myself liking each photo before I even checked who had posted them! There was something about the designs and vibrant colours that really caught my eye and appealed to me. They just kept popping up. One after another and that is when I discovered Hipheadwear.

I have to admit that between working full time and looking after my children I didn't really get the chance to explore Hip Headwear until one evening when I found a lovely email from the company's founder, Sabine, waiting for me in my inbox. Sabine had reached out to me and asked if I'd like to take a look at the head wear and offer it to our customers at Aspire Hair. I was over the moon to receive her email as I am always on the lookout for head wear and alternative hair that we can offer our customers that is something that extra bit special.


When our order arrived I excitedly went through each piece one by one and there were a lot of "oohs" and "ahhhs" from myself and my team as we all took some time to feel the fabric, admire the designs and colours and then finally, we gave them the try on test. The style that really grabbed my attention was the All Season Bandana which surprised me as I had imagined I would have leaned my head (sorry - couldn't help myself) towards the luxury lace collection. Now don't get me wrong, the luxury lace collection is very beautiful also but the All Season Bandana's are so wonderfully versatile and easy to wear that anyone could wear them! The more I "played" with the All Season Bandana the more I was inspired by it. Tie it to the side, wrap it and tuck, twist the ties and finish in a bow, add a pretty clip, add more volume to it with a mini maxi scarf .... The possibilities really are endless.

Playing and styling aside, I also find the All Season Bandana really easy to wear. The cap fabric is very soft against the scalp but not too soft and silky that it slips or moves around on my head. For those of us that are not the most creative when it comes to tying headscarves the All Season Bandana really takes care of it for you thanks to the scarf being attached to the cap. Such a simple idea that gives you the most amazing results! I have claimed a couple of the All Season Bandanas for myself and I wear them when I get home from work when I don't feel the need to wear my wig but (at the same time) am not ready to pop on my bed hat (my head gets seriously cold through the night!) and I feel very feminine and pretty in them.

When a women loses her hair it can leave you feeling incredibly exposed. It's a strange feeling. The best way I can describe it is that it can make you feel very naked and self conscious. You know, that feeling you get when you're not 100% body confident and your kids have guilt tripped you into

(finally!) taking them swimming and you're desperately trying to suck in your mummy tummy as you slither into the baby pool! Well, it's that kind of feeling. With the All Season Bandana I feel covered, comfortable, pretty and (dare I say?) fashionable too :D What do you think? Have you worn the All Season Bandana yet? What's your favourite style?

Love and hugs

Em x



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