My Experience with the Bathing Cap

December 7, 2017




I first saw the bathing cap before I met Sabine when I was perusing the website and immediately wanted one. I swim regularly and I remember being very conscious in the pool because my patches at the time were very visible when my hair got wet so I was more thinking about my hair than I was enjoying the swim. Nearly a year on, all my hair gone and my confidence massively increased the bathing cap is still something I love to have.


There are a few designs of swim caps and the one I went for was the Green Flower. I got it during my first photo shoot with Sabine and it is still the one I use now many months on, it goes so well with my coral swimming costume (and I can see it going with so many costumes which is great if I need a new costume) and whilst I don’t think of swimming as something I have to dress up for it’s lovely to have something that looks good. One of the things I love about all of the HipHeadwear range is that it isn’t just about the practicality and comfort, everything looks great too and to me the bathing cap is no exception.


The cap itself is made up a two layers, there is an inner fitted cap and an outer looser layer which is a great design for a couple of reasons. Having the outer layer allows the cap to have more volume so you don’t have a cap that is flat against your head, this not only looks better but also makes it much less obvious that you don’t have hair if you are somebody isn’t comfortable with people knowing. The inner layer then works together with the outer by providing the much needed security. When you first put the cap on it feels tight (secure tight not painful tight!) and when it gets wet it adapts to your head which means it does not shift when you are swimming.


I tend to swim with my head out of the water but I gave it a good test going under the water and moving about quickly and in several directions – people at the pool were probably wondering what on Earth I was doing! At no point did I feel like the cap was going to slip or come off and I happily carried on swimming after experimenting.


I am now somebody that will happily get my head out in public and I have been swimming a few times without the cap but I definitely feel more confident with the cap, it looks pretty and I don’t feel quite so exposed. Something about swimming makes me feel self conscious even when I had a full head of hair let alone when I lost it so it’s nice that I don’t always have to feel like the bald female in the pool, I can just get on and enjoy my swim.


I tend to put my cap on at the pool and get ready after with nothing on my head but it’s also feasible to wear it to the pool because it looks pretty so it doesn’t look odd and then it could be taken off in the shower and a towel put on your head between shower & fitting room so it does give you more freedom to swim if you are a full time wig wearer.


My experience with the swim cap is that it’s a brilliant piece of headwear that allows me to feel more comfortable doing something I love and I think it’s great that it give people a bit of power back and not letting Alopecia stop them swim.


So for now - happy swimming!



Dawn x 

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