Versatility in another sense of the word

April 3, 2018


I’ve spoken before about how versatile Hipheadwear is in terms of being able to choose what to go with each outfit and how the different ways of tying are numerous but something I’ve touched on but not really gone into is how versatile the headwear is in terms of what I’m doing.


There is a such a variety of headwear available and in many designs but actually I can quite easily wear the same piece of headwear to multiple different events and it will suit the occasion. I love having the variety and choice but it can also be very helpful to have one or two I can use as a capsule wardrobe.


This has always been the case but it became apparent on holiday when I couldn’t take them all with me (even if they are easy to pack!) and the more I thought about it the more I realised just how adaptable the headwear is, not just on holiday but in everyday life too.


Whilst I do love all the types of headwear I do lean to the All Seasons bandana the most so that will be my focus in this blog. It is a piece of headwear that I have come to rely on massively; I wear it to almost every occasion, casually, completely dressed up and everything in between and I find it amazing that the design of it allows me to transition between these so easily and with having such a busy lifestyle this is great for me.


Today I am writing this blog in a coffee shop about to go and visit a friend and I’m wearing one of my newer All Seasons (AS02 on the website) which has fast become one of my favourites and I’ve been wearing it a lot in a bun to the side with a couple of tails (shown by Lucy in her first vlog). It’s so comfortable and depending on what I wear with is a great example of one that can be dressed up or down. As I said I am wearing it with a causal outfit today yet a couple of weeks ago I was wearing it to a formal work event. I wore the same headwear in the same style but by putting it with a black jumpsuit, heals and different make up it was a completely different look and the headwear didn’t make me feel out of place either wearing casually or dressed up.


This is the case for the majority of my headwear designs, I can wear which one I fancy, to a diverse range of activities. As well as those mentioned already I wear them for a day at the office, swinging through the trees at Go Ape, going to the pub, going for a formal meal, shopping, going to see motor racing, theme parks, kayaking, festivals, country walks and cinema to name a few and I’ll know I’ll feel like I fit in and I’ll be comfortable.



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