It is all about the turban

April 9, 2018



What I like most about the turban is the no fuss approach, you can just plonk it on and you’re ready to go; something I’ve been particularly appreciative of recently as life seems to have been so busy over the past couple of months.


The turban has two layers so it has a nice, snug fit on your head but also has a larger layer on the outside which has elasticated seams so that this can be gathered to bring a bit of volume in whichever area you prefer.  The double layer means that it’s still nice and warm for this time of the year where we keep getting taunted by the promise of spring and then stung again with the cold, however being made of.


Bamboo viscose means that it is also nice and cool to wear in the warm. 

I did manage to make the most of some sun for a family BBQ recently and even managed to get the sunglasses out – first time this year!  I haven’t done yet but I will be wearing this running as it’s getting too warm now for my wooly hats and I don’t like the traditional running hats as they’re too tight to my head; they don’t have the same volume as these turbans.  Plus I’m always flying out of the door late for running club so it’s perfect for me to just grab and put on without having to do any tying.


I also really like the new spring patterns, the black and white is good for me as I wear quite a lot of colours so it’s nice to have a monochrome option for my headwear to avoid clashing with whatever else I’m wearing (not that that usually stops me).


Speak soon x



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