Jersey with a knot at Alton Towers

April 23, 2018



I recently went to Alton Towers as part of an Alopecia UK event. It’s an event that happens every year and this is the second year I went. Last year was significant for me because it was the first time I properly walked around in public without hiding my hair loss. 


A year on and I’m comfortable to go without headwear or my wigs when I want and so this year (especially as the weather was wet and cold compared to last years glorious sun!) I went to enjoy myself and help raise awareness and I was comfortable in my choice to wear headwear for the event.


I chose the jersey with a knot paired with a headband, partly because the jersey is a bit more secure than the others (which what makes them great for sports too) and also because I have a jersey in Alopecia blue. I wore it with the brown blue tree headband for a bit of extra warmth and security and the colours went really well. 


I styled it by putting the jersey on first, then the headband on top. I twisted the tails a couple of times then pulled them forward, twisted and tied round the back which was comfortable and I felt good wearing it this way. 


When we first arrived it was absolutely chucking it down so I had my hood up over the jersey which was comfortable enough and they style wasn’t ruined when I did get to take my hood down. 


I went into the thrill seekers category so was on the bigger roller coaster, starting with Oblivion, Smiler, 

Rita and Thirteen followed after lunch by Wicker Man, Nemesis, Runaway Train and River Rapids. Some of them didn’t half shift and many threw you around everywhere so I was pretty impressed at how well the headwear stayed in place. 


There were a couple of rides where I thought it might slip so I put my hood up as a precaution but it wasn’t needed, half the time the hood blew down but the jersey was fine! 


Something else I observed was that we were in the freezing cold all day and my head was fine (my hands were not!) but when we had lunch (thank you to Alton Towers for providing the hospitality suite) it was very warm. It was much needed to thaw out from the cold dampness of the day but sitting in there after a while it felt very warm -stripped down to my t-shirt - but my head wasn’t then uncomfortably warm with the temperature difference which was a bonus.


Pretty much the whole day the headwear was put through its paces and it did really well, none of the rides or the continually putting up and down of the hood shifted it and so it stayed exactly where I wanted it all day. 


Dawn x


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