Too hot to handle!!

July 30, 2018


Well I think it’s fair to say that it is WAY too hot for a wig at the moment. I fear that if I leave my house in a synthetic I’ll have melted plastic dripping down my back before I get to the end of my road. That said, it’s so important to protect your head from the sun so although it may seem cooler, I avoid going out with a bare head at all costs. 


I love an excuse to buy some new clothes and this recent heatwave has inspired me to purchase as loose and baggy clothes as possible. I’m particularly loving the jumpsuit trend too; I think there are definitely certain styles of clothing that go with a hairless look and jumpsuits are one of them. A jumpsuit teamed with a nice headscarf, in my opinion, looks really feminine and is a great way to stay cool in the sun. 

I’ve bought a couple plain styles so that I can jazz them up with patterned headwear. Sabine has recently designed a completely new style called the ‘Essential Turban’ which I must say, is my favourite of all the styles. It’s made from a really soft bamboo turban which is actually fairly loose fitting, with sewn on tails so that you can tie as tight as you like. The bamboo means that they keep your head nice and cool in the heat too - I’ve worn mine for full days out and about and not felt that my head was getting too hot.



For me I love the simplicity and the volume, I can just pop it on and tie it in a few seconds. The double layered turban adds the perfect amount of volume for me as I prefer the styles that aren’t so tight to my head. 


You can improvise with the tying of the tails to create different looks and different levels of volume and security depending on what you prefer, or you can even just leave them hanging down! The pictures attached show a few of my favourite ways to wear the Essential Turban.


Thanks for reading :) 


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