Sea and cycling

October 1, 2018


I’ve recently gotten back into cycling and had a bit of a deliberation as to what I was going to wear under my helmet as I knew it wouldn’t be comfortable on my bare head. I whittled it down to the sleeping cap, jersey with a knot and the All Seasons bandana. 


I gave them all a go with my helmet and decided that the jersey with a knot was my best option (and is what I wear 99% of the time with my helmet now). I decided firstly because it was most comfortable and also because it looked the best combination with my helmet too. My helmet is white and the plain grey goes really well, especially as my top is also grey. The jersey sits best against my head in relation to where my helmet sits too.


The comfort comes from the wrapping round of the tails providing a bit of extra padding and the knot fits really well at the back of the helmet keeping it more secure (lets face it, that’s the main thing, ours heads are important!). It is also great for when I’m gross and sweaty, it’s brilliant for keeping it running down my face and into my eyes. 


Whilst the jersey with a knot was my first choice I’ve also cycled with my All Seasons bandana because that’s what I had on me at the time and it works well enough for more casual cycles. For example I recently cycled part of the camel trail from Padstow, we hired bikes and the All Seasons was what I was wearing that day so kept it on and it was a very gentle cycle on which I was comfortable.


I’ve written about the swim cap before but I wanted to slip in a bit I’m here about it because this summer was my first chance to wear it in the sea. We went surfing at Fistral beach so it was by no means gentle water. Now I’m undergoing DCP treatment it is important to keep covered (as well as choosing to have a bit of extra warmth in the cold water!) and the swim cap worked a treat. The cap didn’t budge once and I was able to just have fun surfing (and falling off the board plenty!) without worrying once about what was on my head. 


One final note before I leave you, Hipheadwear now has premises at the Birmingham jewellery quarter which is open on Saturdays for you to be able to have a look and try on the headwear. Sabine was kind enough to invite me to the opening event and had a great time. As well as having a good natter with the people there I was very impressed by the new place. A lot of hard work has gone into it and it has paid off, well worth a visit if you can.


Dawn x





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