Stylish Alopecia Head wear in Italy

October 5, 2018


My partner and I recently holidayed to Italy; we flew in to Rome where we spent 4 days then caught the train up to Venice for another 3.


I wore my wig while flying - I’ve heard different people’s experiences but once when I wore a headscarf I was asked to take it off to go through security. While I am comfortable showing my head and sometimes do go out in public with  no hat / wig on, I wasn’t keen on being asked to remove it when it was not anticipated. I probably could have said it’s for medical reasons but I just prefer to avoid that situation altogether so always wear hair when flying now. Luckily my Hipheadwear always survives being stuffed in to my extremely over-packed hand luggage and doesn't crease!


The first things we noticed about Rome were: 1. My goodness it’s hot and busy and 2. You literally take your life in your hands crossing the roads. I have never experienced anything like it - we read beforehand that on the zebra crossings you just have to step out in front of moving cars and trust that the drivers have seen you. Any hesitations and they will carry on driving and not stop for you so you basically have to be in front of their bonnet for them to let you cross. It certainly got the adrenaline flowing a few times!!


For most people 30 degrees may not seem hot but the OH & I are not big on heat and there was no breeze in the city at all. As a result, I wore head wear most days rather than wigs because I find them cooler - wigs can tend to make my neck hot and sweaty (nice!). I feel like I did get quite a few double takes when walking along but I’m not sure if that was just because it is quite a fashion focused city and what I was wearing stood out from the norm. I certainly didn’t notice any negative attitudes or behaviour towards the fact I was wearing headscarves and was never asked to take it off in restaurants.


We retired to the many shaded parks while we were there which were lovely and relaxing. My favourite was Villa Borghese; we spent an afternoon there just laying on a bench in the shade watching the parakeets flying around and listening to someone play soothing jazz on a trumpet at the other side of the park, bliss!


We caught a high speed train to Venice which got up to 290km/h which was pretty impressive and as we didn’t have to go through any border control I left my comfy headgear on so I could have a snooze on the way!


We really enjoyed Venice, out of the two it was definitely our favourite and such a novelty to have no cars around. There were so many places to have nice food and enjoy a cold beer or Aperol /spritz, of course there were in Rome too but I just found Venice more relaxing.


I’d definitely recommend visiting either though they are both very different and have tons to see and do.


For reference the blue turban headwear I am wearing is the wonderful new ‘essential turban’ and the orange is the ‘all seasons bandana’ headscarf - love them both! <3


Thanks for reading!



Lucy x 

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