How to care for and storage headwear for alopecia sufferers

February 13, 2019

Hi all, I'm blogging today on another aspect of headwear. I normally write about what I wear, how and where I wear it but I'd like to write about how I care for my headwear as it's a part of alopecian life. I may not need to wash my hair before work (or after swimming - I'm normally out way before Pete!) but I do have to wash, store and care for the items I wear on my head on a daily basis. 


I'll begin with storage - I've always found the best way with most of my headwear is with scarf hangers which I keep on my wardrobe doors. There a few reasons as to why I get on well with this. The location of them being close proximity to my clothes means I can choose my outfit for the day in one complete go, seeing what I want to wear as a whole. Being on the doors allows me to see the headwear next to my clothes rather then them being tucked in on the rail where I'd either have to pull them out or struggle to see everything together. By having the scarf hangers I can split out all the headwear (which I like to do by colour scheme) and they hang in a way that I can see them all easily and as they are designed to hold fabric I know they aren't going to cause wear or damage. I can easily store the all seasons bandana, jersey with a knot, turbans and beanies  in this way.  In fact I think the only thing I don't store on them is my swimming cap which stays in a draw with the rest of my swimming gear.


Washing the headwear is really simple for me, I don't have a specific timescale on how often they get washed as it really depends on the circumstance. Swim cap gets washed as soon as I've finished wearing because of the chlorine, Jersey with a Knot which I generally wear for exercise is put in the wash basket after one wear and the rest just go in when I feel they need it and get washed as part of the normal weekly loads and then air dried (line in summer, radiator rack in winter). They wash really well so I always have a supply of fresh headwear, and fortunately make up washes off really well so  I can reuse all my hats for hair loss uk any day. 


I'll generally switch up what I'm wearing daily based on the colour and design I want to wear but I have worn the same one repeatedly without issue too (if I'm away or the same one happens to go best a few days in a row). The All Seasons is my go to, I wear them to work and if I'm out at the weekend. I'll easily go all day wearing it, my working day is 8 hours plus commuting and it's more than comfortable to keep on all that time. Because of what I wear Jersey with a Knot for I'll only really wear then for a couple of hours but have worn them for longer periods of time without issue. 


Any questions on care, drop a comment in the box below 😊





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