Wind, Rain or Shine - Hairloss Headwear for Every Season!

October 15, 2019

Meet Dawn, one of our favourite Alopecia models! Here she writes about her seasonal hairloss fashion trends, and shares with us how she styles the different colours and fits of our various headwear for different occasions, in order to feel comfortable and stylish – no matter the weather!




How The Seasons Influence My Headwear




As I was getting ready for work the other day I realised that as well as my clothes changing with the seasons I also opt for different headwear. Whilst I’ve been wearing brighter colours over the summer I’m now leaning more towards autumnal colours, wearing browns, oranges and khaki greens.


I've said before that the All Seasons Bandana is a favourite of mine and I have a good few options that I’ve collected over the years. Of the more recent designs I’m wearing AS03 which is a green band and has oranges, yellows and purple on the scarf with some gold thread and the AS19 Brown Band which is a lovely shade of brown with cream/white circles and goes with so much! Whilst I love the changes in colours over the seasons, I particularly love autumn colours, I hate that it gets cold (I am made for heat!) but love the changing of the trees, the pumpkins and the cosy vibe that autumn brings and I really enjoy reflecting that in what I’m wearing.


I’d also say that the Essential Turban is a good go to piece this season too, if it is a windy day it is a really secure option. I’ve been out in mine in awful weather and it didn’t budge. You can make the All Seasons Bandana more secure depending on how you tie them too but I thought the Essential Turban was particularly good on the practical front whilst still looking pretty.


There are a couple of options I’ve not tried yet as well with the Luxury Turban and Headbands.

I have the L01 Luxury Turban which is the softest thing I’ve ever worn on my head! It feels amazing. I’ll post on Instagram next time I wear it but it’s one I wish people could feel over the internet! It’s in browns and greens so perfect colours for me this season and has a really cosy sense to it so I think it will be perfect for keeping my head warm, comfortable and in keeping with the style I like.

The headbands are also a go to for me this time of year, they add that extra layer of security in bad weather, add more warmth and it’s nice to add another pattern or texture to change things up a bit. What I haven’t tried before though is wearing my headbands with my wig. I tend to go between headwear and wigs but actually I can combine the two (wig and turban also work well) for the same concept of security and trying something a bit different.


I’ve focused a lot on autumn in this blog just because of the time of year I’m writing this but I’ll do another one at some point during the remaining seasons with what I’ve been wearing and why.







Dawn wearing the AS03 All Seasons Bandana

Dawn wearing the L01 Luxury Turban


Other items mentioned in the Blog:

AS19 Brown Band All Seasons Bandana





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